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PARTIMI was founded by London-based designer Eleanor Dorrien-Smith. Eleanor graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Fashion and Print in June 2008 and she worked for Mary Katrantzou, John Galliano, Eley Kishimoto and Tata-Naka before setting up PARTIMI.

Stemming from the architectural term parti (being the conceptual starting point of a design project) the PARTIMI label was formed to create striking, uncontrived designs, defined by intriguing concepts and an inherent environmental edge.


PARTIMI's latest collection was inspired by Eleanor Dorrien-Smith's childhood town of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, a small archipelago located between England and France. "I spent 11 years of my life there. It's very rustic, coastal and so this is kind of the reason for the landscape print. It's not a very picturesque cliff face, but it's very wild—the rocks are kind of falling through. I like the imperfection, I just think that's very beautiful."

"The blues in the collection are actually photographs of the undersides of tiny little fishing boats that get dragged up the beach. If you look underneath them, you can see the different layers of paint that have been put on, so you get these different layers of colour, and get some of the rust coming through. It's the same kind of effect you'd get on an old painted door in Sicily or something, but I love that it's a fishing boat."

Surprisingly, the quietly vivid hues of watercolour comprising her designs were inspired by arranging book covers and hand-drawing the resulting collage. "They're actually my favourite books from the time: JD Salinger's 'Nine Stories,' Kerouac's 'Lonesome Traveler' and Hemingway's 'Old Man and the Sea.' Very typical, everyone's favourite teenage books that you think you're so individual at the time for knowing about," says Dorrien-Smith, laughing. "As a teenager, I would go and sit on a top of a cliff and read or draw. Looking back at that kind of confidence that you felt when you were just discovering everything—you just had no end for thirst for looking up new artists or musicians, you were unfettered by everyday life."

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