She Wears it Well

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She Wears it Well

J'étais super fière de ce manteau quand je l'ai reçu. Tout simplement parce-que j'en cherchais un comme ça depuis peut-être 6 ans ... Ex..

She Wears it Well

Le sujet d'aujourd'hui peut sembler terriblement barbare et profondément inutile, mais surtout, bateau. Mais parfois, ne le cachons pas, ça fait du bien d'e..

She Wears it Well

It’s January, which means that it’s a colder than cold and (more often than not) greyer than grey time of year. I wanted to share a few photos from a very colourful street style shoot that I did with James Barley back in autumn. Apologies for not sharing this sooner. It’s been a mad few months!

This morning I spent a bit of time – cup of coffee in one hand, and a slice of peanut butter on toast with banana on top in the other – looking back over the Lucie Loves content that I created for my blog in 2015.

It tallied up to a whopping 51 posts! Jeez! That’s almost one a week for the whole year. No wonder I was exhausted by the time Christmas came around. Juggling a full-time job, a life and a blog up until September 2015, has meant that I’ve always been a bit of a sporadic poster. A binge blogger. Sorry.

However, now that I’m working for myself, I have a bit more time to reflect on the type of content that I produce. I plan to have a bit of a re-think into how often I post and the variety of topics that I cover.

What I wore…

Introducing a few of my Young British Designers fashion faves Dear Frances, GVYN and Renli Su.

Floral jacquard woven silk long coat by Renli Su.

Fly black ankle boot by Dear Frances.

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