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A new girl modern contrasting a rock 'n roll vibe with a feminine flair. This will be the third season for Florence Bridge on YBD and our favourite so far.


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Poetic & volatile. Incoming #youngbritishdesigners: @byJoeRichards and Morris & Co. via @YouTube

Every day around 15 #youngbritishdesigners write in to us. Meet Shannon & Christina aged ten…

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Oh boy @eudonchoi With us since 2010 & much adored #WhereDidYouGetThat

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#shewearsitwell in her inimitable & much coveted style: @tiphainemarie_ in @charliemay

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Only in a #youngbritishdesigners #studio can you find all of this colour/print & art. All at…

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This designer has our The new campaign by…

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Meeting at No.10? What to wear? @eudonchoi naturally #youngbritishdesigners

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