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 This is us

Since 2010, from a barn in the countryside, a small dedicated group of people (by which we mean ourselves) have scoured the British fashion world, gathering up the very best pieces by emerging designers of all ages and made them available to lucky, lucky you.

It was a long time coming.

A global destination store focusing entirely upon the best and brightest of our homegrown fashion designers. A world stage where our most talented young people can strut their immensely wonderful stuff.

New designers can sometimes find themselves stocked by amazing retailers from the likes of Topshop to the formidable Matches Fashion, Net-a-Porter, Selfridges and a smattering of gorgeous boutiques the land over. But there was no single retailer purely representing designers based here in the United Kingdom.

Until YBD.

There is just something about being a young British designer. It's about pushing boundaries, breaking rules that really shouldn't be broken, risking everything in pursuit of your dreams. It's about creating brands that aren't homogenous, that do not appeal to everyone but are deeply meaningful to those they do resonate with. 

It's because our young designers are so world leading, so wholly passionate and dedicated to the cause that we are delighted to dedicate ourselves to them. Some are names you may have heard of, some will be outrageously brand new to the world. All of them have created the most uniquely designed collections. 

Discover them first. Right here.