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@leboudoirselectif wearing YBD's Simeon Farrar Attention Tote at London Fashion Week.  

@jodieldun wearing YBD's Kelly Love Lost Innocence Blouse at London Fashion Week.  

Just when I was hoping not yet to give up my hopes for an Indian summer, we skipped fall and went straight to winter? I would be lying if I would tell you that I am not a little bummed about it. I mean it is ok not being able to enjoy that rare Indian summer, but I am a sucker for fall, since it is my favorite season getting-dressed-wise after all. Fall is the perfect season to be exploring stores for winter gear, without making any decisions yet. It is perfect for in between clothes, mixing summer stuff with last years winter sweaters. Me, not wearing socks in these pictures is just my stubborn self still hoping to get my ankles tanned? Well, I guess I have to run and buy some turtlenecks… Old Style by Marina coat, Marc Jacobs scarf, Antipodium pants and J.W. Anderson clutch (via Young British Designers) and Nike shoes.


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