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Friyay feels with @creativelivingwithbarb wearing our @simeonfarrar fancy fringed dress and organza top STUPENDOUSLY well in a teeny tiny bathroom. &..

@marymcqueen from Slice of Family Life styles YBD's Wild Heart Ochre Earth Dress by A Perfect Nomad http://www.sliceoffamilylife.fr/2020/11/jolis-looks-dautomne.html&nbs..

As I'll often say, my go-to style for the cold typically comprise of a pretty frock, stockings of some sort, and boots (I find that black tights & black boots work quite well, and has an instant slimming effect).  That said, I also endorse mixing it up every once in a while with... (gasp!) colored tights and some more edgy-funky booties.

These Isen Diamond Ankle Boots by Atalanta Weller, from my recent collaboration with Young British Designers happen to be just the right mix!  The first night I debuted them, I was showered with compliments.  "These are hot babe," said my bestie from, Sao Paulo, "but are they comfortable?"  Surprisingly....yes!!!  Beautiful, durable, and ultra-versatile, now that's a combo!

I've paired it all up with the Prussia Bag by M.Hulot, both chic and functional - it works quite nicely as both a casual bag for the evening and a day-bag to the office.  The rest?  Well...as we all know, a dash of black leather sleeves is the ubiquitous trend of the season (just ask Bill Cunningham!), and I love my Helmut Lang skirt (recently worn in Spain and on my date with Dali).  The flouncy blouse was an impulse purchase goaded on by a good friend visiting from SF, "the red us such a great color on you!"  She applauded (I was dubious but ultimately caved to the peer pressure).  Though lets face it - often times your friends know you better than yourself...as this blouse has gorwn to be one of my key closet staples (a perfect fir for both the office and the street!).  Win.