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Pas très original comme nom d'article, j'avoue, mais j'étais un peu en manque d'inspiration (pour une fois!). Pardonnez-moi ! Ca fait un sacré bye qu..

A l'heure où je vous écris, je mange une pizza Domino's (la honte quand on sait que j'aime faire à manger et que je raffole de la gastronomie italien..

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to rock a pretty frock – be it for work or on the weekend.  It just so happens that this lovely maroon-colored dress, courtesy of Young British Designers, is versatile for both occasions.  I wore it first for a kick-off all-day planning session at the office, where I garnered plenty of compliments (blush), and then again on a weekend outing with a girlfriend, who expertly snapped some photos while we twirled in the park. 

I love the overall effects of the dress, which is instantly slimming and tremendously flattering (the paneling and pleating in the front does wonders to hide any tummy flaws, I swear!).  The unexpected wine color also lends a refreshing air of sophistication to the entire look, making it the modern-day LBD, if you will.  As for the blazer?  Well, it’s one of my new go-to-pieces which you’ll find me in all season long.  Basically, whenever I want to feel pulled together, I turn to this trusty Helmut Lang jacket with leather paneling. Really, you can’t go wrong… I give presentations in this, as it makes me feel empowered! Roar.