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As I said before, after a full Fashion Week season a ‘closet full of clothes, nothing to wear’ syndrome is inevitable. It usually takes me hours of staring at all the clothes hanging in my closet and creating a pile of at least twenty pieces on the floor before I find something that ok enough to feel a slight bit of satisfaction. More often than not I end up in black head to toe, since that seems to be my answer to not seeing the wood for the trees, wardrobe wise.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that this time, right after Paris I found a cure for the nasty syndrome. It was time for a huge – read: humongously huge – closet clear out, accompanied by a friend and take away sushi.

Shoes got sorted, jeans literally flew out and things that did not fit me properly got prepared for a new destination to end up with just one rack – jeans, shorts and trousers not included – of things that will actually get to see some daylight every now and then.

Same goes for hair by the way. This season I saw so many cool looks backstage – like the Todd Lynn one during London Fashion Week created by TONI&GUY, which was classic with a twist. Or the sleek Valentino braid. It all makes me think of my own hair being a bit boring sometimes.

Plus, a ‘new’ wardrobe would not be a new wardrobe without a new hairdo and I am not talking about a complete new look or a crazy new color. Sometimes I just want to change up my signature centre parted messy hair a bit and when I do so, I go Obi-Wan Kenobi, kind of.

I used TONI&GUY heat protection mist before blowdrying my hair, then their sculpting powder in my roots for some volume (this product is a dream for my normally super flat hair). After that I add the sea salt texturing spray for some texture before I roughly mess up everything and tie a tiny knot. To finish it off and to keep that knot in place for a day I use their flexible hold hairspray.

Sweater, Sophie Hulme (via Young British Designers).