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She Wears it Well

Alice spoke with London based artist Nina Baxter about her current work. Nina creates beautiful geometric paintings, in wonderfully satisfying  colour arrangements. ..

She Wears it Well

@stilettoshades wearing the LISOU Angel One Sleeve Top in Fuschia. Photo credit: Morgane Maurice - @morganetheunicorn_photography      

She Wears it Well

Lately I've been quite attracted to white pieces (remember?) and I had been wanting to create an all white look for a while so well, here it is guys! In my opinion, the most important thing when it comes to creating an all white outfit is to show some skin, I mean come on, you don't wanna look like a floating head each time you pass by a white wall, do you? Okay just kidding (I'm laughing so hard right now), but I think a white look created with shorts or a skirt and a short sleeved top is much nicer than a pants/jacket one.

I got the shoes on a website that I discovered recently, called Young British Designers. As suggested by its name, this online store offers a wide range of great pieces from emerging, England based designers, which I think is pretty amazing! Aren't these sandals just gorgeous? You might have seen that I wore this to a dinner date we went on yesterday night (yes, again) to celebrate two things - the fact that Luca's exams are finally over, and of course the official first day of summer! Even though it doesn't actually change anything I'm so happy about this! Did you guys do anything special to celebrate summer?

Sophie Gittins sandals via Young British Designers.