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@leboudoirselectif wearing YBD's Simeon Farrar Attention Tote at London Fashion Week.  

@jodieldun wearing YBD's Kelly Love Lost Innocence Blouse at London Fashion Week.  

If you had told me a few months ago that I'd be wearing something burgundy during summer I would have laughed at your face (ok, maybe laughing at your face is a little mean but you know, I wouldn't have believed it). I used to be persuaded that summer was made for bright colors and nothing else. Maybe a little white, a touch of black, but that was it. However things seem to have changed, as you can see I'm wearing nothing bright in this outfit, on the contrary - there are only neutral tones and what I considered a wintery color!

Over time I've come to define my personal style to be more timeless color-wise, if that actually makes sense. What I mean is that I no longer banish a color from my wardrobe simply because it's not the season to wear it. Why not wear mint during winter? Why not wear burgundy during summer? Why, why?? I know all these thoughts must be a little confusing written down but I hope you get my point. Anyway, coming back to the piece that set off this whole speech - I'm totally in l-o-v-e with this new clutch of mine! It's from Sophie Hulme (my designer crush right now!) and it's such a perfect, timeless piece, don't you agree? Have a lovely weekend guys ❤

Sophie Hulme clutch via Young British Designers.


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