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She Wears it Well

Alice spoke with London based artist Nina Baxter about her current work. Nina creates beautiful geometric paintings, in wonderfully satisfying  colour arrangements. ..

She Wears it Well

@stilettoshades wearing the LISOU Angel One Sleeve Top in Fuschia. Photo credit: Morgane Maurice - @morganetheunicorn_photography      

She Wears it Well

If you had told me a few months ago that I'd be wearing something burgundy during summer I would have laughed at your face (ok, maybe laughing at your face is a little mean but you know, I wouldn't have believed it). I used to be persuaded that summer was made for bright colors and nothing else. Maybe a little white, a touch of black, but that was it. However things seem to have changed, as you can see I'm wearing nothing bright in this outfit, on the contrary - there are only neutral tones and what I considered a wintery color!

Over time I've come to define my personal style to be more timeless color-wise, if that actually makes sense. What I mean is that I no longer banish a color from my wardrobe simply because it's not the season to wear it. Why not wear mint during winter? Why not wear burgundy during summer? Why, why?? I know all these thoughts must be a little confusing written down but I hope you get my point. Anyway, coming back to the piece that set off this whole speech - I'm totally in l-o-v-e with this new clutch of mine! It's from Sophie Hulme (my designer crush right now!) and it's such a perfect, timeless piece, don't you agree? Have a lovely weekend guys ❤

Sophie Hulme clutch via Young British Designers.