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@leboudoirselectif wearing YBD's Simeon Farrar Attention Tote at London Fashion Week.  

@jodieldun wearing YBD's Kelly Love Lost Innocence Blouse at London Fashion Week.  

Hey guys, this is my first post straight from Paris where I'm on Fashion
Week together with H&M. I'm always the happiest girl in the world when I
have a chance to be in this wonderful city, especially when the weather
is so beautiful and a lot of cool things are happening around me. It's
the usual stuff: attending shows, meeting up with my friends, taking
photos and of course strolling the streets of Paris. But I could not be
happier right now.

In this post you can see my outfit from the first day of Paris Fashion
Week. I've changed the top two times, because during the day it was
really hot, and after that it was much colder, so I was wearing this
cropped black sweater. But the most interesting thing about this outfit
is of course the lacy skirt. I don't tend to wear mid length skirts so
often, but this one is just so perfect. Two layers make it look a bit
more sexy. The only thing that I had on me that wasn't black was the new
Sophie Hulme tote, which I've been thinking about since last year.
Finally I have got the blue one and I absolutely love it.


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