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She Wears it Well

Je l'avais bien dit ! Que je reviendrai avec quelques petites photos. On a profité d'une balade au détour de notre quartier pour faire des images. Histoire ..

She Wears it Well

  December is one of my favorite months of the year! Sorry loves- it's been a while since my last post. Life has been really hectic- work has been monopolizing all ..

She Wears it Well

Happy Friday!

OMG, it's like I blink, and another week goes by (similarly, I always feel like I blink, and it's 7pm everyday!).

These photos were taken last weekend on Bond Street and nearby Lafayette (the former being one of my favourite streets in NYC!).  Hubs and I had quite the expedition that day, starting with getting little Nukie his very own passport.  Word to the wise, you should most definitely take your baby's passport photo at home.  Or better yet, if you're doing a professional photo shoot, you can try to sneak that in there as well (all you need is a white background)... whatever the case, it comes out soooooo much better!  We learned this the hard way, by having poor Nuke take probably one of the more unflattering photos thus far.  A photo which mommy will certainly not be sharing via social media (I'll save that for his future girlfriends!).  

Here we take a much welcomed reprieve on Bond Street, en route to meet some friends for brunch at Acme.  The weather's starting to get chilly (last Sunday being Autumnal Equinox and all), so I made sure to bring my trusty Sara Ebbett scarf a la Young British Designers.