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She Wears it Well

Alice spoke with London based artist Nina Baxter about her current work. Nina creates beautiful geometric paintings, in wonderfully satisfying  colour arrangements. ..

She Wears it Well

@stilettoshades wearing the LISOU Angel One Sleeve Top in Fuschia. Photo credit: Morgane Maurice - @morganetheunicorn_photography      

She Wears it Well

This is typically the kind of outfit that I could wear to go to class (or at least that's what I ideally like to wear!) - casual and easy going, yet with a little something special. Quite paradoxically however I did not wear this outfit to class - I wore it last Friday as we went to the city centre for some light shopping, an incredible moment a.k.a. the perks of being free from college on Fridays (special thanks to whoever created my schedule this year!)

My main crush in this outfit are the booties - freshly added to my collection and already a timeless favourite. The tiny metallic pieces at the back of the shoes do make kind of a bell noise when I walk, turning me into a girly version of Santa's goblins whenever I take a few steps! It's quite funny though and honestly these booties are so rad that I absolutely don't care about the noise! Such a fan of the pointy tip and yet casual style.

Another new addition to my wardrobe (and huge crush) are these delicate gemstone bracelets from Eclectic Eccentricity, a brand that I've recently discovered and fallen in love with. All of their pieces are handmade in Britain, which is as you know (at least those of you who have been following me for a while) a very important point for me! I basically love everything handmade, locally made, etc, and Eclectic Eccentricity is perfect on that level! It's, as they say themselves, jewellery with stories to tell, and I can't help but love the idea ;) Wish you all a great Tuesday ❤