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@marymcqueen from Slice of Family Life styles YBD's Wild Heart Ochre Earth Dress by A Perfect Nomad http://www.sliceoffamilylife.fr/2020/11/jolis-looks-dautomne.html&nbs..

Pas très original comme nom d'article, j'avoue, mais j'étais un peu en manque d'inspiration (pour une fois!). Pardonnez-moi ! Ca fait un sacré bye qu..

There’s so much goodness going on in this post I just don’t know where to start! How about I start off with the classic ‘head to toe’ explanation. Literally starting with my head, this post has taught me never to leave my house without a hairbrush! My hair always goes frizzy and gives me that, ‘I just woke up, and did I mention that I was sleeping in a wind tunnel?’ look.

Moving on to the dress! This stunner is from American Apparel and I am in LOOVE with everything about it! The shape, the colour, and the fabric are simply perfect for summer. It took a lot of restraint not to purchase this dress in multiple colours!
And finally, what you’ve been waiting for, the star of the outfit! THE SHOES. Jaw dropping, breath taking, mesmerising; mint green beauties. These heels are constructed of leather and wicker upper; with plexiglass and precious stone inlay details on the heel. In other words, they are effortlessly a work of art. Shoes should never be boring and feet like to get dressed up too ya know? Furthermore, who are we to deny them of such beauty? If anything we should be rewarding our feet with amazing shoes. Our feet do so much for us without asking for anything in return!

I like to build my outfit around my shoes and how could that be possible if people like Joanne Stoker didn’t exist? Joanne is passionate about fashion forward footwear, which is so evident with her artisan approach towards something that most people don’t even think twice about. Please for the love of all platforms, toss your basic volleys aside and celebrate those pretty little feet. They deserve to be covered in precious jewels, sparkles, wicker and velvet galore! How can we not, when Joanne has made it so easy for us? We can’t let the girl down!

To purchase your special pair of Stoker heels, head on over to youngbritishdesigners.com. You’ll also find heaps of other shoes, clothing and accessories that have been designed by various young British designers. I love this website because it supports a community of young artists and gives them a chance to break into the global market, which they may never have been able to accomplish on their own.