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She Wears it Well

Je l'avais bien dit ! Que je reviendrai avec quelques petites photos. On a profité d'une balade au détour de notre quartier pour faire des images. Histoire ..

She Wears it Well

  December is one of my favorite months of the year! Sorry loves- it's been a while since my last post. Life has been really hectic- work has been monopolizing all ..

She Wears it Well

Good evening guys!  Tonight I'm sharing with you my new outfit and a new café!
Ksu and I have recently discovered a lovely restaurant in Residence hotel called ‘Davydov’. This place is decorated in a historic style. There are many pictures, baroque curtains and columns.

During the week I often go downtown and sometimes I have time to stop and drink a cup of coffee or tea in one of my fave cafés. Now I can include Davydov to my list of favourite places. 

I should keep this office style often, because we don't have free style at school and in the evening I usually have meetings with clients. This weekend I have two creative projects with different models so keep your eyes on my blog for more photos and details!

Today's look consists of a nude basic top, black shorts, amazing shoes in black nude tones and watches (I can't imagine life without them!).  I really like shoes, especially those which can be mixed in with different looks and styles. That's why I have these new shoes.

They are perfect and classy! The best thing about them is that they have zippers at the back, so they fit my legs perfectly and don't fly away!
I hope you're having a wonderful end to the week!