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@leboudoirselectif wearing YBD's Simeon Farrar Attention Tote at London Fashion Week.  

@jodieldun wearing YBD's Kelly Love Lost Innocence Blouse at London Fashion Week.  

I have a thing for big oversized coats. I have a few in my closet and I do wear them quite a lot. The only thing with them is that sometimes they may look a bit shapeless so you need to be really careful what you wear them with to avoid the ‘blob’ look. The coat from the pictures is so girly and innocent that I had to come up with something to make it look more like my style, with a bit of edge & a bit of elegance at the same time. The lacy cabaret-like shorts are a good counterbalance to the innocence of the coat. I really like them, they are fierce and sexy.

I tied the coat with a belt when its buttoned up to give it a bit more shape and edge. I think it looks good. What do you think?
My new Sophie Hulme pony tote is heaven. I have developed an unhealthy obsession with these bags and I currently have two, they are my faves. You can find the best selection of Sophie Hulme bags at Young British Designers.


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