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Photoblogged | My new specs
Those of you who read my blog will have noticed that 99.9% of the time I am not photographed wearing glasses. I wear contact lenses and have done for over 10 years or so now. I’m as blind as a bat!
I first started wearing glasses in High School and they were these really doody frames - some of the cheapest that the opticians had to offer! But I was struggling to read the whiteboard so had no choice but to wear them, my friends were getting tired of dictating my work to me.
I felt a little conscious wearing them - even at the grand old age of 28! and usually only wear them in the evening to rest my eyes.
But then I saw these beauties!

I love all things tan: leather handbags in an assortment of shades -auburn, copper, mahogany or rust. I even own chocolate leather brogues. I deviate towards lush animal print fabrics, bronze and rose gold accessories (note this beautiful black and rose gold leather duo satchel by Golden Lane), and now eyewear. Basically, if it’s brown or tortoise shell, my eye will be drawn to it.
Some girls are into pink, I like autumnal hues. I find browns, especially in spectacle form, are much more suited to my colouring, and actually flatter most people, more so than black. Tortoise shell is a great choice, especially if you’re new to wearing glasses or don’t wear them very often.
When it came to ordering my new glasses, it was such an easy process. I (eventually, and after much deliberation) selected the style of frame that I liked best and chose the lens type etc. I then entered my current glasses prescription (which I obtained from my opticians), and then waited for my order to arrive.

Glasses usually take up to 10-14 days to be made and delivered to your door.
Mine arrived in a lovely brown leather case and even had an anti-reflective coating on the lenses. They are super light-weight too. I’d forgotten to ask about having the lenses thinned, but it was ok as they came with 1.6 index lenses to fit the slimline frames. Nice!