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@leboudoirselectif wearing YBD's Simeon Farrar Attention Tote at London Fashion Week.  

@jodieldun wearing YBD's Kelly Love Lost Innocence Blouse at London Fashion Week.  

I believe I mentioned it before, but every summer my go-to colour (black, duh!) changes into blue. Navy blue that is. Not really your typical summer hue, but it feels just a bit fresher than black AND goes with everything (too).
Easily lazy you could say, but for me – usually hooked on black – it’s always a big transformation. Especially when there’s not even a small trace of black to be spotted in the rest of my ensemble.

This time I am wearing my summer blue with a pop of colour in the form of a mini bag from British designer Kate Sheridan and my uber comfortable slippers.
PS: Excuse the hair elastic that seems to be permanently attached to my wrist… I always forget to bring one if I don’t wear it around my wrist and girls just need to put their hair up sometimes. Right?!


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