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She Wears it Well

Je l'avais bien dit ! Que je reviendrai avec quelques petites photos. On a profité d'une balade au détour de notre quartier pour faire des images. Histoire ..

She Wears it Well

  December is one of my favorite months of the year! Sorry loves- it's been a while since my last post. Life has been really hectic- work has been monopolizing all ..

She Wears it Well

Good morning you guys and happy Friday!

Another look from Cannes today - this time I was super inspired by my last denim on denim take and I decided to do it again :)

Denim seems to be everywhere this spring and I honestly won't complain about this.. Love this material and the special, boyish and kind of rock'n'roll touch it can add to an outfit!

This look was also the occasion to wear my new Bionda Castana pointy flats for the first time (I've actually been referring to them as my Carrie Bradshaw flats...I mean come on: these beauties actually SCREAM Carrie Bradshaw, don't they? ;))

I never ever wear ballerinas and this is pretty close to ballerinas (let's admit) but I think the pointy tip changes EVERYTHING! They are so feminine and special...I loooove them like crazy and believe me, it's not about to change ;)

Anyway, this is it for today! We have two big shootings today so here's to hoping it won't be raining all day long…

Cheers and have a beautiful weekend you guys!