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@marymcqueen from Slice of Family Life styles YBD's Wild Heart Ochre Earth Dress by A Perfect Nomad http://www.sliceoffamilylife.fr/2020/11/jolis-looks-dautomne.html&nbs..

Pas très original comme nom d'article, j'avoue, mais j'étais un peu en manque d'inspiration (pour une fois!). Pardonnez-moi ! Ca fait un sacré bye qu..

As soon as I laid eyes on this coat I knew I had to do a shoot for the blog. We were driving through Leicestershire - having just done a menu tasting for our upcoming wedding - and I asked JMG to pull over and grab my camera. Quick! The light was perfect: that hazy kind of autumnal sunshine that only October brings - even the lack of blue sky helped set the scene. Rural bliss!

There is something truly decadent about oversized coats in strokeablely-soft fabrics. Every year, around this time, my heart swoons after some winter coat or other. More often than not, the coat can be quite impractical* - not that it stops us ladies from making these heart-over-head purchases… And by that, I mean something that you would wear on a day-to-day basis versus something that makes you look KA-POW!!

The downy texture of Eudon Choi’s duff smoke grey shearling coat is the sartorial equivalent of a walking on the kind of carpet that makes you gasp as your feet sink into its sumptuous surface.
“Eudon’s AW14 collection is entitled ‘Hysteria’ and plunders the musical archives of the Sixties for groupie-cool looks riffing on the idea of youth culture. As always with Choi there is great outerwear- shaggy coats, voluminous pea coats & oversized blazers.” Young British Designers
Can you imagine trying to commute in this fantastical number? You’d need two seats on the tube just to make room for its sheer magnificence!

A few years back I fell in love with another fluffy, faux fur number and made sure that I dropped coat-sized hints, as well as putting it at #1 on my Christmas list. It can work - promise!
If you’ve been keeping an eye on autumn/winter trends for 2014, you’ll not have escaped the fluff fascination currently erupting onto the high street straight off the catwalks.

There’s a great article in Vogue called Ways to Wear: Fluff autumn/winter 2014 which shows the different ways that designers have chosen to interpret the trend. I decided to layer up the Eudon Choi coat, which is made in Britain from 100% sheepskin fur and has a 100% silk lining, by wearing it over a caramel embroidered dress from Zara and then adding some height with a pair of tan leather ankle boots from Topshop.