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Looking for a new Sunday brunch spot? Give No. 11 Pimlico Road, Chelsea a whirl…

I had several requirements that needed to be met when searching for this latest brunch spot:

Good coffee
Tasty food in nice surroundings
Miss Wong’s approval - she’s a lady of taste you know!
Somewhere we could remain long after eating, to ponder quotes from wedding florists
WiFi would be a bonus
It was almost too good to be true when, having put out a tweet asking for London brunch recommendations, I got a very nice email from No 11 Pimlico Road - a rather classy bar and restaurant in Chelsea, South Kensington - asking whether I’d like to come in and taste their wares.

Of course I said yes!

With a table booked for 11am on Sunday, I took my friend Pauline along with me to get her opinion on the food, coffee, cocktails and my options for wedding florists. Planning a wedding is exhausting!

It was a rather productive morning: we ate out way through a plate of blueberry pancakes with creme fraiche and maple syrup, sourdough bruschetta with avocado and bacon. It took us a while to choose what to order as the brunch menu was full of delicious options.

We also had a couple of cups of good, strong coffee (Americano for Miss Wong, and a latte for me), and then followed it all by selecting two breakfast-looking cocktails from the drinks menu: a (very strong) camomile sour and an elderflower and Earl Grey fizz. (Note: they only serve cocktails after 11:30am - which is reasonable right? Actually, scrap that, I think it’s the law…) The cocktails were well mixed and very refreshing - like the last taste of summer!

Afterwards - floristry decisions made - and wandering around like Sloane Rangers,  we kind of felt like we would bump into one of the Made in Chelsea cast at any moment… not that I’d be able to recognise any of them as I don’t watch the show… but Pauline knows her soaps and would be able to alert me to such encounters. Pimlico is full of pretty little boutiques, antiques dealers, posh furnishing shops, gorgeous florists like Wild at Heart and cafes - it’s perfect for a weekend stroll.

The food at No 11 was good, hot and fresh - we’d definitely come again. The interior decor was equally delightful - I was lusting after their zinc table tops, round wooden mirrors and potted succulents. All in all No 11 Pimlico road made for a very  pleasant brunch spot. But be warned: wholesome-looking families, very attractive friends and fancy folk soon fill this place up on the weekend so it’s best to book a table if you’ve set your heart on coming here.