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Here you are, right at the cutting edge of new British fashion. Discover up-and-coming UK designers. 
We found them. We fell in love with them. So will you.

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    Wear it's at

    Arts education should not be a luxury, says Julie Hesmondhalgh

    Dear young people. We all need & believe in you. Please sign up to vote if you haven’t already. Register to vote -…

    Celebrating #independents never tasted so good! @land_restaurant @GWABirmingham tonight

    Fast fashion: Britons to buy 50m 'throwaway outfits' this summer

    Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook are having issues. Again. - Mashable

    Meet buyers and experts from the fashion industry at this one day extravaganza with @e_nation in Manchester.…

    If you’re looking to start or grow a fashion business, this is the event for you. Meet buyers and experts from the…